Mindful Potion Kit | Hocus Pocus
Mindful Potion Kit | Hocus Pocus
Mindful Potion Kit | Hocus Pocus

Mindful Potion Kit | Hocus Pocus

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Witches and wizards are experts at brewing magical concoctions, from truth serums, protection potions to transformation spells. They have a deep connection to nature and wild places. This little potion box is full of secret magical ingredients that you will find in any witches’ apothecary including sparkly liquids and fizzing magic dusts perfect for little witches and wizards in the making.

Potion Recipe Cards include the following spells:

* Living life in colour - a potion to spread kindness to others.
* Let your sparkle shine bright - a potion to gain confidence to make friends wherever you go.
* Rainbow Protection - a potion of rainbow protection to repel negativity.
* Unicorn daydreams and rainbow days - a potion to open up creativity and manifest happiness and joy.

POTION KIT - comes with:
• 3 x dry ingredients in cotton pouches.
• 1 x dry Ingredient in reusable PET plastic bottle with bamboo screw cap
• 2 x sparkly liquids in reusable PET plastic bottles with bamboo screw cap.
• Positivity Potion Cards – including:
4 x recipe cards with affirmations
1 x ingredients index card

* Also includes a digital download 'write your own potion card'

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