Dinosaurs Nature Tube
Dinosaurs Nature Tube

Dinosaurs Nature Tube

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Wind the clock back to when Dinosaurs roamed the earth with this 18 piece Dinosaurs collection. Featuring an assortment of high quality replicas, your little ones will have hours of endless adventure, learning and fun as they explore going back in time to the Jurassic. Enjoy hours of imaginative play with the fierce and ferocious detail of 1 x Dilophosaurus, 1 x Pteranodon, 1 x Velociraptor, 2 x Iguanodon, 2 x Brachiosaurus, 2 x Parasaurolophus, 2 Pachycephalosaurus, 2 x Giganotosaurus, 2 x T-Rex, 1 x Stegosaurus and 2 x Triceratops.

Approximate size:
3-7cm (length of each figurine)

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